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Arizona Odd Fellow-Rebekah Campground

Rules, Regulations & General Provisions



Purpose: The purpose of these rules and regulations is to enable and assure Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, their family and friends receive maximum enjoyment from their use of the camp: but at the same time promote consideration of the health, safety and general welfare of others.


1.      The camp season runs from May 1st to September 30th of each year.

2.      The camp is operated under the direction of the Camp Board. A camp host/manager is appointed to handle the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the camp and ensure these rules and regulations are followed. All guests staying at the camp shall register with the camp host. The host will provide each party with a copy of these rules and regulations.

3.      Guests shall be responsible for their visitors and insure they observe these rules and regulations.

4.      The camp will not be responsible for any injuries, loss or damage to guests’ or visitor’s person or property. The owners shall be responsible for insurance on their units even when in storage. The Camp Ground shall not be responsible for damage to units or contents.

5.      Any person, who defaces, damages, injures or destroys property or equipment of the camp shall be held liable for its repair or replacement cost.

6.      Signs, posters, displays or other items shall not be attached to any building, structure or tree without permission from the host. All guests shall observe all signs, rules or instructions posted by the camp.

7.      All persons shall be considerate of others and not indulge in boisterous conduct or activities. Music, talking or other noise shall be kept at a volume that will not disturb others.

8.      Quiet time shall be between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

9.       Pets must be on a leash or in a pen at all times and not allowed to run at large. No vicious or disruptive pets are permitted within the camp. No pets are allowed in buildings except Seeing Eye dogs.

10.  Firearms may not be displayed or discharged within the camp. No Hunting Permitted.

11.  CAMP FIRES – No camp or cooking fires are permitted at campsites except propane. The camp may provide a common campfire area. The local fire department and camp host shall determine if a campfire is allowed. Rules posted at the common campfire area shall be strictly adhered to. Contact the host before using the campfire area.

12.  No woodcutting except the clearing of hazards and debris authorized by the host.

13.  For campsites without sewer access a dump station is available for black water. Gray water may be released from units to water trees and scrubs provided the discharge hose is at least 20’ in length and no larger than 1” in diameter.

14.  All household garbage shall be bagged and tied. Garbage containers are provided near the dump station. Campsites must be maintained and left clean.

15.  Motor vehicles including UTVs and ATVs may be operated on constructed roads only. The speed limit within the camp shall not exceed five (5) mph.

16.  No outside clothes lines. A washer and dryer are available. Restrooms and showers are also available for guests use.

17.  Guests are not to modify, tamper or attempt repairs of utilities (Water, Electric, and ECT). Please contact camp host if there is a problem.

18.  Improvements made by guests to campsites must be approved by Manager and will become property of the campground.

19.  A space shall be considered occupied anytime a camping unit is parked in the space.

20.  Units may be stored during the camp season at the owner’s risk. The host will determine the exact location for storage. Members may store their unit year around.

21.  Minimum Donations for camp ground use shall be determined by the Board and shall be guaranteed for the current year only.

22.  If a member wishes to reserve the same campsite each year the first month donation must be received by May 5th and the first of each month thereafter. If a campsite is not reserve for a given month is shall be considered available. A discounted annual donation for the entire camp season is provided for members. The annual donation is to be paid in full at the beginning of the season.


IOOF/REBEKAH MEMBERS                

Full Hook-up         $9.00/DAY       $55.00/Week    $175.00 /Mo.       $785.00/Season   

Water & Electric  $6.00/Day        $35.00/Week     $125.00/Mo.        $560.00/Season

Rental Trailers    $15.00/Day       $95.00/Week                                                          

RV Storage     in advance members only              $30.00/Mo          $185.00/Winter

Tent (dry camping)  $5.00/Day


Full Hook-up        $15.00/Day       $95.00/Week     $210.00/Mo.                 N/A      . 

Water & Electric  $12.00/Day      $75.00/Week       $160.00/Mo.                 N/A     .

Rental Trailer    $20.00/day        $130.00/Week                                                       .

Tent (dry camping   $10.00/Day).     


NOTE: Only 30amp Electric is Available. During Peek Summer Months Low Voltage may accure.


 Ramada (private parties)                 $25.00/day                                         

Washer & Dryer                               $2.00/Load.

Restrooms & Showers  No donation required                                           


The camp host may eject any guest or visitor violating these rules and regulations.

These rules and regulations shall supersede any prior rules.


The Board of Directors

Arizona Odd Fellow/Rebekah Camp, Inc.

Adopted September 20, 2014

Amended August 23, 2016



            Camp Address : 5204 Highway 260, Show Low, AZ.  85901



             Manager -  Ron Long     -   623-980-9542