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Coming Attraction
Coming Attraction
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Mt. Graham #24
By Joe Dugan and Carol Peeler

302 7th ST. Safford, AZ
Odd Fellows meet every Thursday at 7:30 PM
Rebekahs meet 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:30 PM

ISSUE #7 May 26, 2007


Jim Elwood & Anna

The Safford Odd Fellow Lodge gave our Grand Noble Jim Elwood a coming home party May 19, 2007. There were forty people including dignitaries from Tucson and Globe. The Rebekah president Iva Peebles was unable to attend because of her health. She was represented by Bessie from Tucson. This was a sit down dinner prepared by the Rebekahs. Jim was given a present of cash from the Odd Fellows followed by a couple of joke gifts from Frank and Marvin. There was Ham and Meatloaf with all the trimmings and a large welcome home decorated cake for dessert. (by Carol Peeler)

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Cinco de Mayo

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo. What better way to celebrate than a parade and festival. The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs built a float for the parade. It was pulled by Herman Holdgrafer with a lot of Odd Fellows, Rebekahs and Red Hat Ladies from the Southern Belle chapter. Thanks to all that helped build, decorate and ride. It helped to make this a success.



Scholarships were given out to students from Safford, Thatcher Pima and Fort Thomas.


More Homecoming Photos

Jim Elwood & Anna

Jim Elwood & Anna Jim Elwood & Anna

Jim Elwood & Anna


Happy Birthday  to all who have a June Birthday.

Fathers Day

Father's Day
Is June 17th


Faith makes all things possible.
Hope makes all things bright.
Love makes all things easy.

TVOn Thursday May 10 the TV 3 news show was broadcast from downtown Safford. Along with a lot  of still photo’s the group of odd fellows that were there; all wearing their red jackets were interviewed live on the air. We were asked what are the Odd Fellows, what do we do and how and where did it all start. I was very surprised by the number of local people that asked us who we were.  Do we need to be more visible in town? It was a four hour show. I think it was good for Safford to be seen that way and I am pleased with our being involved.  (by Joe Duggan)





Remember the commodities on the first and third Wednesday of each month. A thanks goes out to all of  you that help.


Comming Events

June 16th: There will be a reception for Marvin Imel and Sue Anderson. They plan to get married in Texas  at Marvin’s sons home. We will welcome them home on  June 16th  2007 at 2:00. They asked for no gifts please.