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Mt. Graham #24
Mt. Graham #24
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Christmas Toys for Kids Saturday Breakfast Parades Historic Odd Fellow Home
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Christmas Toys for Kids
Toys The christmas toy program has been going on for about 15 years. In the past we have given toys out to as many as 900 kids. Last year it was lower and only 550 kids received new toys. Each child is given three gifts. Toys
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Pancakes From October to March every Saturday morning $3.00 will buy a breakfast of either pancakes or biscuit and gravy. Funds raised at these breakfasts are used to support the many community service projects of the Odd Fellows in Safford and Graham County. Biscuits
Christmas 2004
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July 4th Parades
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Graham County Fair Parades


Graham County - A Graham County - A
Historic Safford Odd Fellow's Home
Safford Odd Fellows Home Safford Odd Fellows Home Safford Odd Fellows Home
The Old Odd Fellow home stands as a monument to by gone days, when people didn't have a place to live and jobs were scarce. The old home was finished in the late 1920's. It recently under went a restoration and parts of the ornamental statuary were recast and restored. Today it is part of the city of Safford office complex.